A more detailed GSoC post

A question I get asked often after receiving the obligatory congratulations from people is “What’s your project about?”. I’ll try in this post to answer that question satisfactorily.

First off, I’ll be working this summer with the Instantbird team, under the Mozilla umbrella. You can view my selected proposal here. My mentor will be Daniel Scruton (his internet name is usually aleth) – though if this summer is going to be anything like last year’s, my mentor is really #instantbird ;). (Here‘s a blog post that summarizes my project last year)

Many people (for some reason) have been under the impression that Instantbird itself is my project – it’s not. Instantbird is an existing cross-platform instant messaging client built on the Mozilla platform. Check it out if you haven’t already! I’ll be working to improve it this summer.

What am I working on? Two things.

  1. It’s pretty hard to search your chat history at the moment. You have to know on what date the message you’re searching for was sent/received, or know how to use grep. I’ll be working on getting all chat logs indexed and easy to search.
  2. I’ll be implementing infinite conversation scrollback – older messages should keep appearing as you scroll up.

These sound like two straightforward goals, but do involve quite a bit of work. Read my proposal for more details on the steps involved and some of the edge cases and potential difficulties I’ve predicted.

Hopefully this clears it up. I’ll be blogging my progress here through the summer, do subscribe if you’re interested!

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