Daily report: August 8th 2013

  • Rewrote the way conversations are stored in IndexedDB. This took most of my time tonight (pesky bugs!).
    • Now, a conversation’s rank is stored with the conversation’s id as the key.
    • I’ve defined a conversation’s id as the string obtained by concatenating its source and _id values.
    • For contacts this looks something like “contact2”, “contact-5”, etc. For chats, it’s source + accountId + name – for e.g. “chataccount1#instantbird”.
  • Added basic ranking. A conversation’s rank is the number of times it has been opened. Ranks are updated and stored as conversations are opened.
  • Short term to-do list:
    • Code cleanup
    • Support for chats
    • More sophisticated ranking
    • Obtain historical data from logs

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