GSoC ’14 Progress

Here’s what I’ve done over the last week:

  • Review iterations for the async logs bug.
  • Wrote a log-indexing module that sweeps the logs and indexes them, and runs a basic benchmark on search. I was able to query single words at about ~10ms per ~1k results.
  • Had some discussions on the implementation of log indexing, these are summarized here.
  • Wrote a patch to move the log sweeping code currently residing in the stats service to logger.js, to be accessed via the logs service. (bug 1025464)

The async logs patch is nearly r+ (as is the patch that moves the log sweeping code). After it is, I’ll be pushing to try and making sure tests pass, and it’ll be good to go. As detailed in the etherpad, I’ll then be making use of the log sweeping code to index all logs, and add a method to query the index. The log viewer UI will be updated (likely an awesometab-esque search bar at the top), and there’ll be easily searchable logs for everyone 🙂

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