GSoC ’14 Progress

It’s been way too long since my last blog post. Progress since then:

  • Async logging has finally landed after a long period of tree closures and bustages. If you’re running a recent nightly (which are only available for OS X and Windows at the moment), your logs will be logged asynchronously.
  • Log indexing calls for controlling a log file’s size. We decided on the scenarios under which a log file should be split, and a patch for it is awaiting review in bug 1025522.
  • Florian gave me feedback comments for my log indexing WIP. I’ve addressed a number of issues he pointed out and some bugs I found myself, and uploaded a new patch to bug 955014. I hope this can land soon after review iterations, and am excited for easily searchable logs (finally!).

I’m now working on infinite scroll:

  • First step is to add the ability to prepend a message instead of appending.
  • After that’s done, I’ll look into how messages are added to the UI when a conversation is restored from hold. Currently they’re added oldest to newest. This needs to be reversed – add the newest message first, then prepend the older ones.
  • The above allows for showing only the latest few messages, and keeping the rest in memory – these can be prepended as the user scrolls up – setting the stage for true infinite scroll.
  • Finally, fetch messages from the logs and prepend these as the user scrolls further. This step of course is a lot more complicated than I just described, I’ll be blogging about it as I get to it.

It’s worth mentioning that in between blog posts, midterm evaluations happened, and I passed – thank you aleth and the Instantbird team!

I should also acknowledge that I’m behind schedule and need to work faster if I want to do justice to the second half of my proposal.

Until next time!

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