GSoC ’14 Progress: Tasks and Promises

My semester finally finished last week, and we decided that a good way to start off my project would be to make chat history logging asynchronous. The current implementation in logger.js maintains an output stream to an nsIFile instance and synchronously writes to it. My job is to rewrite the relevant code using the OS.File API to make everything async.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been researching on the Promise API and how it works with OS.File for async I/O. I learned how Task.js allows for clean code using the yield keyword, and sat around a lot pondering about preservation of sequence when working with async functions.

Things became clear once I realized that in Task.spawn(), what |yield <Promise>| was doing was simply letting the event loop continue until the Promise resolved.

I then proceeded to properly start rewriting the code (several failed attempts preceded my yield realization) for Conversation and System logs. I’ve attached a WIP to bug 955292 for feedback. The code is untested however, and my next task will be to write xpcshell tests to make sure everything is working.

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