GSoC ’14 Progress

It’s been over a week since my last post, and my recollection of work done is a bit hazy :(. Here’s a quick summary though:

  • Tests! I’ve written pretty comprehensive tests for writing and reading of log files (including grouped-by-day reading). I learned about Assert.jsm – something so new that my tests broke one fine day because of ongoing changes in m-c (I expected it to be stable because do_check_* had already been marked deprecated in MDN).
  • Bug fixing. Writing tests uncovered several intricacies that have now been taken care of. One discovery that hasn’t been addressed yet is that if queued file operations exist during AsyncShutdown, they fail because stuff like JSON (and even dump) get removed from the scope. A simple (pending) solution is to yield on all of them when the “prpl-quit” notification is fired.
  • Thunderbird! I got a Thunderbird build running and tested the new API changes. The UI is properly listing and displaying logs. Gloda indexing has also been updated: I had to implement yet another promise queue to make sure we read only one conversation at a time (and not load all of them into memory). Debugging was a hassle and took ages: Components.utils.reportError is disabled from chrome code by default in Thunderbird! I searched around for hours to see why my code wasn’t being called when indeed it was – just that the reportError call was never firing.
  • In the middle of all this, I took a day to play with the convbrowser code to see if I could manipulate the way messages are added and so on. I succeeded in getting messages to be added in reverse, but bubbles grouping wasn’t working and my code got messy enough that I reverted everything. It was a good experiment though, a kind of warm-up exercise for the real task that looms ahead 😉
  • I also spotted and fixed a couple of minor miscellaneous bugs.

While the async-logs patches undergo review cycles, I plan to either play more with the convbrowser and churn out something concrete (my first goal is to make context messages load from the bottom up), or to start messing with databases – test out storage/retrieval performance and disk usage with full-text-search enabled if we store all messages in it for example. Maybe both!

Until next time! Hopefully the next progress update won’t take as long as this one did.

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