I’m alive!

So obviously, it’s been ages since my last blog post. Here’s a GSoC update:

  • First off, GSoC ’14 is over (a couple of weeks ago actually)! Thanks to aleth and the #instantbird team for everything over the summer.
  • Log indexing still hasn’t landed. It’s mostly waiting for me to look at the gloda changes for split log files (bug 1025522).
  • My WIP for infinite scrollback has reached a stage where prepending works, along with most message bubble features (unread ruler, message grouping). Unfortunately it remains a WIP.

In other news, I’ve been invited to the Thunderbird summit in Toronto! I’m excited to meet the Instantbird team and look forward to a weekend of hacking. We plan to make progress on WebRTC video calling among other things – I personally hope to finish up my GSoC log indexing WIPs (I’ll be on planes for ~40 hours ;)).

I hope to blog more frequently in the future, but let’s see :]. Cheers!

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