No RSVP Necessary

I wrote this in a five-minute burst of inspiration earlier this year following the first time I saw the aurora from the window of a plane flying somewhere over Greenland. As a lover of nature, I was trying to reconcile a raw loneliness from having no one I knew around me with whom to share the experience, with the (rather solipsistic) idea that all my loved ones as I know them are projections I’ve constructed in my mind anyway.

Fly with me over the mighty mountains
The racing rivers, towering forests
Sprawling deserts, open oceans

Soar with me through cotton clouds,
We'll rush past the moon, glide into the sun
Feel a trillion stars twinkle around us, breathless

Drive with me through the city
We'll wind our way through its maze
Of blinking neon lights and blaring horns

Stroll with me down the Pacific coastline
We'll leave our footprints to mingle
With seaweed and starfish

We'll explore this magical universe 
Adventure through the expanse of space and time
Zigzag our way between minds and matter

And in this marvelous reality
I experience all within myself 
No RSVP necessary

Because when I think of you and you think of me
What's the difference between me and we?

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