Small Talk Is Beautiful

A pensive mood engulfs my mind when I’m flying somewhere. There’s something about the incredible experience of being lifted into the sky in a metal cylinder – watching as layers of clouds pass by until suddenly you poke out into the clear blue expanse – there’s something about it that inspires thoughts of love and loss, culture and economics, space and time, and the profound arbitrariness of existence. Sometimes I find myself laughing out loud, hysterically, like a toddler.

Well, I’ve been flying today, and whether it was the euphoria, or being in the midst of travelers from around the world, or just the four cups of coffee I’d gulped down in order to power through after getting up at 5am, I found myself excitedly discussing the philosophies of context and language in a music-discovery WhatsApp group that I’m part of.

In 2018’s conflicted world of diverse beliefs and myriad manifestations of the human experience, I found myself drawn to the simple Earthly connection that is talking about the weather. No matter where you’re from, no matter what language you speak, no matter what you believe about existence and reality, we all understand sunshine and rain.

Small talk is beautiful.

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